Tan Sri Ngai Koh Peng

Tan Sri Ngai Koh Peng is one of the award winning author for various gambling and casino articles. Now he is the main author and content creator for OCM trusted online casino Malaysia review site. Koh Peng brings new strategies and guides for the bettors and gamblers around the world and provide them with useful and accurate information.

As the forefront founder of the online casino Malaysia and gambling scene, 38 year old Tan Sri Ngai Koh Peng has been the name that is widely known by Malaysian gambler and bettors online. As the director and founder of the 96Ace Group, he has been creating new heights for the group’s achievement and raising up the presence plus value of online gambling in Malaysia.

Creating a new trend and business category is not easy in Malaysia, Tan Sri Ngai Koh Peng has been changing the scene since young and has been determined to drive Malaysia online casinos to compete with international casinos across the globe.

tan sri ngai koh peng

The Foundation

Stepping into the starting point in a little fishing village named Sekinchan(Selangor, Malaysia), Koh peng was born from a not so wealthy family. With his days working at the fish market that his family runs before morning school starts, he has ascustommed himself to the art of bargain and business. From the early days, he has been selling essentials, toys, and tickets that resemble lottery tickets now. 

The huge surge of lottery ticket buyers is what gives the young Koh Peng the idea of gambling business in Malaysia and how popular gambling is in Malaysia. This will later spark a new business idea in Koh Peng’s life.

Early Years

During his high school and university period, Koh Peng has been putting himself more into the art of winning gambling in casinos. And when given the opportunity to further his studies, he went overseas to further his studies in economics and business in Ross School of Business in University of Michigan (United States).

During his university years, Koh Peng had the opportunity to research and delve into the world of gambling due to the United States being one of the most famous countries for casinos. He researched Blackjack tactics, Baccarat strategies, Roulette chances and more. This further improved his understanding in the art of gambling, he even published his own guide on how to tackle different forms of gambling. This has later received big praises from seasoned gamblers and as a definitive guide to most of the casual bettors out there.

This further proves to Koh Peng that he has the talent in this particular field. During his time, he had the opportunity to create his own blog website and write hundreds of strategies, guides, reviews and insights for casinos and gamblers alike. This has further improved his writing skills where it would be useful for him later on in his adult years.

Founding of 96Ace Group


After graduating top of the class with a bachelor degree in business and economics in the United States. With his new found talent and skills in the gambling area, Koh Peng founded his first company named 96Ace Group at the young age of 22. WIth the business entrepreneur skills from young and the knowledge of gambling industry from the United states, 96Ace Group has started its roots from an online casino Malaysia.

After that, Over 5,000 hectares of land that he bought. He began his palm oil plantation journey. With each step closely monitored and with Koh Peng’s attention to details, the palm oil successfully bloomed into a proper earning business.

Located in the heart of KL, 96Ace hotel has been emerging to compete with various 5 star hotels like Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons and more. This is due to Tan Sri Koh Peng’s new business in the city.

Along with the restaurant, 96Ace Luxtatics Gourmet. The food in the hotel and room service has reached its peak with the quality service and delicious food. In the restaurant, 96Ace Group has hired famous chefs overseas to serve customers exquisite top dishes from around the world.

96Ace Online Casino Malaysia

From the dedicated guidance and leadership from Koh Peng, 96Ace Online Casino has emerge successful from the rest. It has garnered huge players and news along with different events and sponsorship for the KOL. Its success is no less than a contribution for most of the economy in Malaysia.

With the success of the business, Koh Peng has a vision to make his home country Malaysia a better place than it is now. With the capital that he got from his first business, Koh Peng has continued on to fund his next business idea to grow the 96 Ace group of businesses.

Corporate Achievement

During his years when he founded 96Ace Group and his years running the business. He has received achievements and contributions from various industries. From industries like gambling sector, plantation sector, food and beverage sector and servicing sector.

Youngest Entrepreneur Award

From one young world entrepreneur, they have awarded young Koh Peng with the award because of his success in the gambling industry during his 2nd year running the business. During his speech, Koh Peng has mentioned he improved the economic situation of young adults while eliminating challenges along the way.

Tan Sri Coronation

With the successful business into palm oil plantation, Koh Peng has been improving Malaysia’s economy by a lot for workers and international business alike. He has become one of the youngest in the nation to be conferred the title of ‘Tan Sri’ by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong. 

Tan Sri Koh Peng mentioned that when he received his title, he felt more responsibility after taking in the “Tan Sri” title. He made his vow that he will save Malaysia’s economy and improve the livelihood of Malaysians for the better future that he visioned.

Nobel Prize in Literature

During his days in the United states as a casino writer or reviewer. Tan Sri Ngai Koh Peng has since loved writing and will spend his days writing about strategies and reviews when he is free. He has earned the Nobel Prize in Literature when he published the “10 Steps to Win in Gambling” which is a huge hit for the gamblers around the world.

Currently he is writing for and https://sgonlinecasino.org/ as a casino expert. Those websites are like the casino wiki or review site, the staple guide for most casino lovers in Malaysia and Singapore.

The Present & Future

Currently there are multiple businesses for Tan Sri Ngai Koh Peng to handle and most of them are on the right track. Tan Sri Koh Peng has since begun to write more about gambling and casinos online because of his reignited passion towards it.

His role as an author for and https://sgonlinecasino.org/ has kept him busy and further improved his own knowledge in this particular field. Who knows what the future holds for Tan Sri Koh Peng, maybe he will begin his journey again in a new field of business that will improve the overall economy of Malaysia.

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